Beewax food wrap bewax wrap paper substantial beewax paper eco-friendly food wrap

Beewax food wrap bewax wrap paper substantial beewax paper eco-friendly food wrap

Substantial Beeswax Paper Eco-Friendly Food Wrap

  1. Material Composition:
    • The primary material used shall be organic cotton fabric, ensuring it is natural and biodegradable.
    • Beeswax sourced sustainably from ethical beekeepers.
    • Additional components may include organic jojoba oil and tree resin to enhance pliability and stickiness.
  2. Dimensions:
    • The food wrap shall be available in various sizes to accommodate different food items.
    • Standard dimensions may include 12×12 inches, 10×10 inches, and 8×8 inches, with customization options available upon request.
  3. Thickness:
    • The thickness of the beeswax-coated paper shall be substantial enough to provide durability and reusability while remaining pliable for effective wrapping.
  4. Certifications:
    • The product shall comply with relevant food safety standards, such as FDA regulations.
    • Certification from recognized eco-labeling organizations (e.g., Forest Stewardship Council, USDA Organic) shall be obtained to validate the eco-friendliness of the product.
  5. Durability and Reusability:
    • The beeswax paper shall be durable enough to withstand multiple uses without losing its effectiveness.
    • It should maintain its integrity through handwashing with mild soap and cool water. Hot water and harsh detergents should be avoided to prolong its lifespan.
  6. Sealing Properties:
    • The beeswax coating shall possess sufficient adhesive properties to seal around food items and containers effectively.
    • It should stick to itself and other surfaces upon gentle pressure and retain its shape.
  7. Breathability:
    • The wrap shall allow food to breathe, preventing moisture buildup and keeping food fresh for longer periods.


  • The beeswax paper should be versatile enough to wrap various types of food, including fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, cheese, and baked goods.
  • It should also be moldable to cover bowls, plates, and other containers.

By adhering to these specifications, the substantial beeswax paper eco-friendly food wrap aims to provide consumers with a sustainable and effective alternative to single-use plastic wraps, promoting environmental responsibility and healthy food storage practices.

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